Sunday, 18 September 2011

To War!

In the hodgepodge of pots and plants that currently inhabits what I optimistically call my garden, I've found nearly every annual, biannual, and perennial weed known to man. Weeding can be a harrowing experience. Apart from the sheer waste of time and effort involved, to all but the most experienced gardener there is also the problem of what to remove. 

Everyone has a personal view about gardening: the driving force of life, a pleasant hobby, a necessary chore, or pure drudgery. I fall into the second category; gardening is fascinating and fun but also extremely frustrating at the same time! The enjoyment is in the anticipation and excitement of planning the year ahead, in the satisfaction of growing beautiful new life, and in actually seeing the fruits of my labours. Frustration comes from that eternal menace -weeds- which never fail to appear as if from nowhere and insinuate themselves into my well-planned idyll.

Now that the season is on the turn, I will start my battle once again. Perhaps this year will prove the exception to the rule, I will fight and eradicate this common menace, and next spring my garden will resemble my dream.